9 Games Maths

Nine Games Maths
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Discover the wonderful world of numbers, shapes and colors, with help by narrator, who accompanies you throughout the game.
The application contains nine educational games made ​​in accordance with the requirements of the curriculum. They are structured on several levels and degrees of difficulty.
- Game "The Farm" - helping children to count to 5.
- Game "Fruits and Vegetables" - learn the notion of differences.
Following games are available just in Nine Games Maths PRO:
- Game "Picking" - counting sets to 10.
- Game "Associate Objects" - learn the notion of association.
- Game "Numbers" - arranging numbers ascending, descending, even, odd.
- Game "Associate Colors" - learning colors by associating objects with them.
- Game "Find the Squirrels" - discover hidden squirrels.
- Game "In the forest" - where is the set of correct answers correct.
- Game "Follow the Pattern" - putting in the right place the correct forms like the pattern.

The application also contains :
- Ability to login with Facebook.
- Import in every game Facebook avatar.
- Share your score on Facebook.
- Available in English and Romanian.
- A screen with all the other games developed by Diosoft.
- Ads.


9 Games Maths