Civic Alert

Civic Alert allows instant and direct connection between citizens and public authorities, whenever someone wants to file a complaint, request, petition or initiative, regarding anything concerning the public domain and the civic space.

In three easy steps and less than 30 seconds you can create a new Alert:
1. Photo - take a photo of your problem;
2. Geolocation - use automatic location or type the address you want;
3. Category - select the category your problems fits in, from a wide range of possibilities (road traffic and parking, streets and public lighting, garbage and vandalism, parks and green spaces, public transport, constructions, water and sewerage, etc.)

Based on the subject of each Alert, the proper documentation is sent to the concerning public authority, following the correct procedure. Each Alert is then tracked until the final result, keeping the citizen and authorities connected and updated along the process.

IMPORTANT: By downloading or using the Civic Alert app, you agree to the terms & conditions of services used: