HungiFungi - a gombahatározó

168 species are currently available in the extended database! 2 new identification criteria! (30.12.2013.)
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Fungitron is the new generation of mushroom field guides:
✦ it has greater coverage of wild European and American mushrooms than the usual paper-print field guides, still it fits on a smartphone,
✦ at least one or several high-quality photos, illustrations are displayed for the mushrooms (which are zoomable to reveal tiny details),
✦ its content will be updated regularly (available after subscription!),
✦ medicinal and edibility information with icon badges,
✦ tons of (to be precise: cca. 150) identification parameters help to filter mushroom species, thus making the identification easier,
✦ there is a list for similar mushrooms, which are available one click away,
✦ the graphical details of the application is prepared with the same meticulous care as the content.

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