Ladies' Diary

Have you ever forgot to take your pill?
You don’t remember when you last went to your gynecologist for a check up?
During an appointment you couldn’t remember your last cycle?
You want to list all your symptoms for your gynecologist, but you don’t know how to gather them?
You want to constantly monitor your weight?
You always lose your printed menstrual calendar?
If you said „yes” to even one of the questions above, then the application ’Ladies' Diary’ is just for you!
Completely free.
Three connected function, that you can also use individually: menstrual calendar, reminders, true weight.
All menstrual symptoms can be closely monitored.
The only application that allows you to select your own gynecologist and to send him/her the list of your symptoms directly!
Reminders need to be set only once, after selecting the initial settings, the application sends the reminders automatically.
Main functions:
Easy to use, transparent
Montly and daily views
You can follow the changes in your weight, body temperature and your different symptoms.
You can monitor your period and calculate the time of your ovulation.
True weight:
You can monitor the changes in your weight.
Based on the weight and height entered, you can check your BMI-index.
You can use the type of pill you are taking, you can also set reminders for taking the pill, and for getting new prescriptions.
The application monitors the days when you do not need to take the pill, on these days you do not receive reminder messages.
If you are using contraceptive rings, the application sends a reminder before placing the ring in and before taking it out.
If you are getting contraceptive shots, the application reminds you of your next appointment.
A reminder for your yearly check up can also be set, as well as personal reminders.
You can protect your data with a password.
You can set your own alert tones for your reminders.
Dr. profil:
You can select your own physician or you can enter your physician’s data.
You can send the data and symptoms you entered to your physician via email or through the GynAssist menu.
We reccommend the application especially to women, who:
★would like to monitor their internal processes precisely,
★would like to plan ahead.

Is a free app. Requires Android 2.2 and up


free app for android for women