Romanian App.

Keep up to date with current legislation on smartphone or tablet directly! With this app you can download updated versions of the Romanian Constitution, codes and laws, including simple and emergency ordinances. The content is constantly updated using only text differences occur, so data transfer is minimized to the maximum, and all documents can be viewed without the need for Internet access.

Over 1,300 codes / laws / ordinances are available, including the Highway Code, Tax Code, Civil Code, Penal Code, associated procedures, and hundreds of other important laws. Ideal for anyone who wants to have on hand, anytime, anywhere access to law: lawyers, lawyers, law students, police, etc .;

The user account that you are required (either by facebook or email) is used to determine the account status on multiple devices and platforms, and statistics. Data on users are not disclosed to any third party and has no permission application that could be used for evil purposes .. Communication between client and server is always secure place.

Key points:
- Ecological: save trees that would print tens of thousands of pages of codes and other documents;
- Over 1300 acts, grouped by type and year, most of the day;
- Automatic updates, global updates with push alerts (and distinct acts chosen by the user);
- Three ways to navigate through documents: hierarchical / summary / full text;
- Highlight articles, paragraphs, letters, points, etc.
- Search instantly by text or an item number by one, several, or all documents;
- Detailed search results by item, letter, subsection, dash, etc.
- 100% diacritics; separation text to leverage hyphens display space;
- Search history; item-level bookmarks; favorite documents;
- Possibility to copy the text of an article in clipboard;
- Compatible with keyboards with or without diacritics
- Integration with Facebook and web links that can be distributed, leading directly to (a point dintr-) a document.
- It is possible to listen articles where there TextToSpeech installed packages and package IVONA voice in Romanian (IVONA Carmen)

Required permissions:
- INTERNET_ACCESS - download documents and updating them;
- EXTERNAL_STORAGE: use external memory instead of the internal
- Accounts, wake_lock, C2DM - necessary for Google Cloud Messaging push alerts on updates and content catalog.

It takes 80 MB internal memory or external retain all documents completely installed. The space used depends on the number of documents downloaded.


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