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Romanian educational game for kids

Each of our daily activities is included in a program has a specific duration and is included in a zone. Even in terms of growth and education of the child have a strict schedule of eating, sleeping, playing. We looked at the clock every day several times, however, when it comes to child learn to read the clock, we blocked. We can teach him something we do not know in what I learned?

Program compared help your child learn to watch, learn reading hours in a pleasant, fun, learn playing.

What are the advantages child playing this game:

- To learn more information about clock with hands (which is Hours, minutes, seconds hand, how they move and how they tell time);
- Will teach fixed time (when the minute hand is 12);
- Will learn what and when "half";
- Will learn quarters of an hour ("a quarter", "no quarter");
- Can do "practice", matching hands of the clock every minute, 5 in 5 minutes
- Will entertain solving fun games
- Will be able to assess their knowledge

Features: *****
Educational Content
Fun and funny

Interactive educational clock is designed specifically for children, help in understanding the concept of time and its measurement, offering an original method for learning clock functionality. He develops the child's intelligence and creativity, stimulating it to learn what time is it in a nice way.
PitiClic, favorite characters, will accompany the little throughout the game. Because for him everything is a game ...

This game will help your child to develop their capabilities, logical thinking and reaction speed and cleverness. Recommended for children between 4 and 7 years.

Good luck!

The developer of this application, Infomedia Pro, guarantees product quality through 18 years of experience in developing interactive educational software for children aged between 3 and 11.

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