PitiClic si dinozaurii isteti

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 PitiClic and intelligent dinosaurs
(Mysteries of DinoClic)
A small team of rain forest search of a cave because there are the dinosaurs. PitiClic, the little explorer has an old map of the grandparents.
The road to the cave half is marked on the map, but it is very complicated. The markings on the map must be strictly followed to reach the desired position, ie the cave. Each position is used in a trace, hard evidence of the past.
What do you get the kids in this program? Unusual activity after school:
mathematical activities
information dinoszauruszokrol
DinoClic of "Science"
nyelvoktato games
DinoClic painting (art education)
Agility Games
We chose this topic because the kids really love dinosaurs.
Children Here they learn many interesting facts about the dinoszauruszokrol, dinosaurs and play different areas:
- Mathematics,
- Science,
- Communication,
- Language Education,
- Art Education,
- Agility
- Information and curiosities
- Evaluation.
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Language: Romanian
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educational content
Entertainment and fun
3-8 years was recommended.
Free app for Android 2.2 and up


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