TelTöri Érettségi

Hungarian app.

Are you afraid that you can not satisfy the threads breaking curfew or graduation?
80 topics 2,700 test questions, and they are about. 10 thousand variations can help you!
First lesson of all ages & Ancient package for free.
All content instead of 2700 499 reached.

You do not like yourself to carry your textbooks, but still want to átismételni, exercise their curriculum?
Or just simply interested in history, but not always with a lot of books?

Then the TelTöri exactly made for you!

The program aims to effectively assist both final exams (emelt- and secondary level) is made by and for those interested in history.

The topics to choose two-tier system of graduation requirements imposed by the Office of Education, respectively. the new curriculum framework was governed. The tests include the textbooks currently used in preparation for graduation data.

If you find the program to be incomplete or other errors you find it, ask us know. We will try the best and fastest possible development, repair done. The lehúzástól has never been better no program.


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