txtr ebooks

The free txtr Android app brings the world of eBooks to your Android and gives you access to more than 1.8 Million eBooks* – from current bestsellers to classic books to rarities.
- Browse, search and find the books that you are looking for from more than 1.8 million eBooks in our store*
- Try free samples for many of our books before you buy
- Pre-order books and automatically receive them when they become available
- Redeem vouchers for reduced prices by entering your voucher code at checkout
- Each book that you buy will be immediately downloaded to your Android so you can start reading right away, also when you later go offline on the subway or airplane
- We store the eBooks in your personal txtr cloud library for you so they will be available on all your devices (Android, iOS, Windows 8, PC, Mac) and reading positions are automatically synchronised
- Read in full screen mode
- Navigate through the pages by swiping
- Tap the middle of the screen in reading mode to reveal more options: Adjust font size, margins and brightness, read in night mode in dark conditions
- Read in portrait or landscape mode
- Lock the rotation to prevent the screen from rotating while reading
- Search inside eBooks for keywords
- Create bookmarks and notes
- Supports ePub and PDF files with and without Adobe DRM
- Select text in ePubs and copy or highlight it
- Browse your bookmarks, highlights and notes
- Browse our store via categories
- Simple one-page checkout
- Optimized for Android smartphones and tablets

Have fun reading with txtr!

* Book availability may depend on your store and country.


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